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Thank you for considering contributing to Yogatrōpic!
We are happy to consider your article for submission, and have put together the following guidelines to help you out. We look forward to hearing from you!

Submission Guidelines

We are looking for thoughtful, original content that emphasizes your unique point of view. We fancy ourselves a regional publication, so, bonus points for anything that emphasizes the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas. We love positive, uplifting stuff. We also love heavy, think-y, angsty stuff that can even get a little dark. Funny is always good. We are into pieces that inspire critical thinking, as well. Stuff we are not into includes: takedown/revenge pieces, super negative reviews, and anything that excludes or marginalizes a particular group of people. We recommend browsing around the site to get an idea of what we like to publish.


If we publish your piece, we will retain the publication rights. We do not require that you obtain our permission to publish your work elsewhere, however, we do require that you credit us with a link to the original piece (e.g., “this article originally appeared on Yogatrōpic”).


Please try to keep submissions between 500 and 1,000 words (1,500 is the absolute max).


Expect that we will carry out necessary edits for grammar, clarity, and format that do not compromise the spirit and tone of your work.


One day, we hope to be able to pay you actual money for writing for YT. Sadly, that day has not yet arrived. We can, however, offer you a platform from which you can promote yourself, your business, your yoga teaching schedule, etc. As such, please include the following with each submission: a picture of yourself, a brief, third-person bio, and links to/descriptions of any content you want represented (for example, your website or blog).

How to Submit

Please submit your work in the body of an email to You are encouraged to send photos to accompany your work, but only if you own the rights to them. The subject of your email should include the word “Submitted” and the title of your piece (e.g., “Submitted: The Best Little Yoga Studio This Side of The Esopus”). We will let you know whether your submission has been accepted within two weeks (usually sooner than that, actually—but we make no promises). If you prefer to pitch your idea before you write, feel free to email us a brief description of your topic and angle first, and we will let you know whether we are interested. The subject line of your email should include the word “pitch” and the proposed title of your article.

Style Guide

Ready to start writing? Please reference our handy style guide before you pour your heart out on the page! We appreciate your attention to the finer details of your post, so that readers have an optimal experience enjoying your words!