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Raeanne Wright struggled with weight and body issues throughout her life as a young adult, and it wasn’t until she took a hatha yoga class in 2005 that she found a way to move and connect with her body that felt natural and healing.

A few years later, she discovered vinyasa, and what started as a casual flirtation with yoga grew into an all-out love affair! Soon, she was working at the studio so she could take more classes. For the first time in her life, she’d found a form of “exercise” that she truly loved. At the same time, the effects of mindfulness poured into other areas of her life, and she found that quieting her over-active mind was just as satisfying as the physical practice.

“The more I practiced, the more clarity I found in my own path — and each time life presented me with challenging situations, yoga helped me navigate and resurface as a stronger, wiser woman.”

In 2010, Raeanne received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification from Lotus Gardens Yoga School. A comparative study program, the training explored different schools of yoga, their roots and parallel teachings. This helped to reinforce her interest in learning from diverse styles and teachers to gain a wider perspective of yoga and its adaptability. Raeanne believes that there is a yoga for every body, every moment, and every situation.

Today, Raeanne runs Troy Yoga and is the founder of Yogatrōpic. Her passion is in designing yoga events that meld different styles, themes, and music to create an immersive experience.

“I think my purpose as a teacher is to encourage students to live fully and celebrate life. All of the things I love—yoga, dancing, design, music, food—are experiential and creative. My aim is to help others tap into that side of themselves so they can feel more joy and happiness in life!”

Raeanne is a self-employed Web Designer and created Yogatrōpic in 2012 to share her adventures, lessons, and observations as a lifelong student of the practice. In 2016, she shifted the direction of the website by inviting talented, thoughtful yogis in her community to share their words too. She hopes to help others find the courage and inspiration to blaze their own yogatrōpic path.

Raeanne’s Classes

All-levels Vinyasa Yoga
Mondays, 6pm-7:15pm
Troy Yoga • 35 State Street, Troy, NY

Gentle + Beginner’s Yoga
Wednesdays, 6pm-7:15pm
Troy Yoga • 35 State Street, Troy, NY

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