2014 Summer Yoga Festivals: Season Highlights

Another festival season is coming to a close, and looking back at the moments captured from the year, I feel so blessed and lucky to be part of this inspiring community. Here are some memories from this year’s yoga-ventures!

Wanderlust Vermont – Stratton Mountain

David Harshada Wagner at Wanderlust Vermont 2014
(Photo from Wanderlust Festival © Monica Justesen)

What’s the perfect class to set the tone for a summer of self-care and yoga bliss? Well, how about a Two Hour Reincarnation: Complete Body/Mind/Spirit Reboot led by the exceptional duo David Harshada Wagner and Elena Brower? Harshada’s soothing, hypnotic voice led us deep inside to look at our heart’s capacity for sweetness and forgiveness, and Elena’s purposeful, powerful instruction created an atmosphere of quiet inquisition. 

After a turbulent year, I was ecstatic just to make it to Vermont for one day. My annual trek to the mountain was another success: I left with a smile plastered on my face, a reignited passion for the practice, and a commitment to continue on my own unique yogic path…

Wanderlust 108: Mindfulness Triathalon – Brooklyn, NY

Wanderlust Brooklyn 2014

It ain’t always sunny on the yogi’s path. No, sometimes you need fierce determination, rain or shine. That was the case at Wanderlust’s one-day festival in Prospect Park, where gray skies hung overhead and the clouds decided to open up and pour down just as Seane Corne led us to pause in tadasana…

Wanderlust Brooklyn - dancers in the rain
(Photo from Wanderlust Festival © Sasha Juliard )

But just like in the storms of life, the people we love and our team spirit pull us through! The classes may have been cut short, but I’ll never forget lowering from plank onto a mat puddled with rain, dancing like fools to MC Yogi and DJ Drez’s rendition of No Sleep till Brooklyn, and the soothing hot shower, tea, and hugs post-fest with my yoga besties!

Wanderlust Brooklyn 2014 - Wet Yogis
Me and the wet yoga bunch: Tammie, Kate, and my sister, Natalie.
Me and Trina
Being eight months pregnant didn’t stop my dear friend Trina from joining in the rainy festivities!

Ahimsa Yoga & Music Festival – Windham Mountain, NY

The cool air and falling leaves were a stunning backdrop for the second annual Ahimsa festival, where my friend and teacher-trainee Tammie and I escaped to a quiet mountain retreat to ponder the Bhagavad Gita and get one last yoga fix before winter sets in…

Ahimsa Yoga & Music Festival 2014 - Yoga buddies

The highlight of Saturday was undoubtedly Jennilee Toner’s workshop The Perfect Chaturanga, a fun, super-informative prelude to her soon-to-be-published book of the same title. One of upstate New York’s foremost teachers, I was thrilled to experience Jennilee’s passion and bubbling excitement for this challenging and often-misunderstood posture!

Ahimsa Yoga & Music Festival 2014 - Jennilee Toner
Mugging for the camera with Jennilee Toner, chaturanga-extraordinaire!

Sneaking a peek at Coby Kozlowski’s “Wave Rider™: The Act of Living Yoga”… I attended last year and loved it so much I convinced Tammie to go, and she was not disappointed!

Ahimsa Yoga & Music Festival 2014 - Coby Kozlowski's class

Other awesome highlights that I was too busy experiencing to photograph…. The Physics of Flight: Working with the Incredible Laws of Nature to Rock Your Yoga! with Sadie Nardini, one of my favorite teachers; and Gravity & Grace with Peter Sterios, founder of Manduka. I plan to write more about these teachers and their methodologies later on!

Ahimsa Yoga & Music Festival 2014 - Meghan Currie Sequencing workshop

A little dose of Kula goes a long way. On Sunday, Meghan Currie offered Symphony of a Sequence, an open-dialogue with other teachers about what makes a truly memorable class. My first experience with Meghan, I loved her warmth, wisdom, and thoughtful, creative instruction.

And now, back home…

The summer season may be over, but I’m just getting revved up to go! The beauty of venturing off to yoga events is that they broaden our perspectives and fuel our love of the practice. I’m dreaming up some fun stuff for the winter, so stay tuned!


Raeanne Wright

Founder • Yoga Teacher, Web Designer

Raeanne Wright is the owner and creator of Yogatropic. A yoga instructor, web designer, and writer, she is happy to share her yoga musings, life lessons, and discoveries so that others may find a little peace and joy in their day.

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