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Suzanne June Martin Mom PortraitSuzanne is a visual artist, yoga instructor, mother, and bhakti. She began her spiritual journey as a youth studying various world religions and continued to pursue spiritual philosophy, art, and art history at Skidmore College. While obtaining her M.F.A. from the UAlbany, Suzanne was introduced to the asanas (postures) of yoga as a remedy for back pain caused by a car accident. Being that yoga is a form of art in itself, she immediately fell in love with the practice and used her trainings in yoga therapy to alleviate her pain. The practice and study of yoga helped Suzanne obtain a much healthier, happier, and fulfilled lifestyle.

I love yoga because it is fueling a beautiful shift in ethical and moral behavior. There is so much loving-kindness within the yoga community—so much wisdom…and I believe this mindful heart consciousness can change the world. It has already shifted mine—helping me come to terms with my existential crisis and many difficult times.”

“Yoga has cleared paths to immeasurable amounts of joy, filling my life with light and love. I am so grateful to have found this path, to all my teachers, and to the Divine Mother.”

Suzanne completed her 200-hour Hot Warrior Yoga Teacher Training with Jennilee Toner along with Yoga Across America’s training in 2011. Later, in 2014, Suzanne illustrated and published a book titled The Perfect Chaturanga—A Comprehensive Guide to Vinyasa Yoga and Injury Prevention alongside Jennilee Toner. A book that is helping trainees around the world learn the foundations of how to teach safe vinyasa flow yoga. Suzanne is constantly continuing her education with the Shambhala Meditation Group, the American Meditation Center, the Himalayan Institute, and Lauren Toolin’s school Sri Vidya.

Suzanne currently teaches at Heartspace Yoga and Healing Arts, Supersoul Yoga, at The Hot Yoga Spot, and the YMCA. She also works as a wellness associate at Honest Weight Food Coop.

“It has gotten pretty dark in here…at times, I didn’t think I could hold on much longer, but the study and practice of yoga has kept me going and I have to admit—I have fallen back in love with life and can no longer see any other way but love, love for myself and all sentient beings, including Mama Earth. Om shanti, shanti, shanti. Namaste!”

More info on workshops, classes, and private sessions can be found at:

Suzanne’s Classes

9:15am Hatha Yoga
Heartspace Yoga • Albany, NY

5:45pm Prenatal Yoga
The Hot Yoga Spot • Albany, NY

5pm Hatha Yoga
The YMCA • East Greenbush, NY

8am Hatha Yoga
Supersoul Yoga • Chatham, NY

10:30am Vinyasa Yoga (all levels)
Heartspace Yoga • Troy, NY


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