featured yoga indoor exercise at home quarantine
Indoor Exercises Anyone Can Do

Are you stuck inside because of the quarantine? You don’t have to give up on your fitness goals! There are tons of great indoor exercises you can do right in your own…

feeling alone in a crowd - empaths at festivals
Empath’s Guide to Yoga Festivals

We all are energetic beings, and sensitive to the emotions of others and the general environment of a given situation. Even if you are not consciously aware of it, you are constantly…

Namaste in Nepal: Deepening Your Passion Abroad

Pictures and fellow travelers’ adventure stories have the power to guide us to our next destination. Some places simply emit a magical appeal—we just know that some day we have to go…

Yoga backbends
Backbends: Opening to the Unknown

As I enter the yoga studio this morning and hear that our teacher has designed a class around backbends, I want to turn around and run. I will do anything to avoid…

OM CITY The Series - Yoga Videos to watch
6 Yoga Web Series You Have to See

With the boom of web series at its peak, it was just a matter of time before the yoga world had its own sitcoms online portraying the yogi lifestyle. From dramas, to…

yoga faith
Faith is the New Black

As you attempt to get your minds and hearts around our crazy, complicated global situation, and your role in it, consider adding a staple to your spiritual ‘wardrobe’. It goes with everything…

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